The Shepadoodle is a hybrid dog, also known as a designer dog. The Shepadoodle is a cross between the German Shepherd Dog and the Poodle. It is not always possible to determine the characteristics, temperament or traits of a mixed breed. You will likely find the Shepadoodle has a combination of the characteristics found in both the German Shepherd Dog and the Poodle.

Shepadoodle Pictures

shepardoodle hybrid dog

"We got our dog from an animal rescue group. He was bred accidentally. His tail was not docked. He was either born with a short tail or it was bitten off. His undercoat sheds a little but his top coat needs to be clipped. He has very large shepard feet, a shepard mouth and bark. His frame is all poodle. He is very protective of his people and our property. He is literally the king of all he surveys! We live on a lake and he has webbed paws and loves to swim. He weighs 70 pounds and is very strong. He is a remarkable dog and we are very happy to have him." - Colleen Fries

Shepardoodle hybrid dog

Nelson the Shepardoodle hybrid dog