Cute Animals

I love Google. I love Google. I love Google. What would the world be without cute, furry little puppies and kittens running around making our lives joyful and fun? I tell you, I would be able to get through one day of work if I didn’t have my little nunchkin sitting by my side. Today I give you your daily dose of cute-ness. Enjoy.

Not your average, every day pet but how adorable is this koala bear?! I loved koala’s as a child and now I just want to take it home and cuddle.

I am so getting this for Halloween. It is a chia pet costume for your furry, four-legged friend.

I have wanted a frenchie for a while now. Although, I might just settle on the hybrid version of a french bulldog and a boston terrier, the frenchbo.

My cats look at me like this everyday. Followed by a loud meow that usually means, “I’m hungry! Feed me!”

Oh, so adorable. This one does not even need words. Yes, I occasionally wish I could put my dog in a sweater. But she wouldn’t stand for it, not for even one second. This cute pug does though.