Service Dog Vest Listed on eBay

We all love our dogs and sometimes we want them to be around 24/7. But that is no excuse to masquerade your dog as a service animal if they are not.

Those with real medical problems are subject to regular discrimination when they go out in public with their service dogs. Just recently there was a story about a woman who went into a McDonalds with her 2 autistic children and a service dog. She was hit in the face by an off-duty McDonalds manager. Behavior like this is unacceptable and only fuels the fire and makes it harder for the disabled with certified service dogs.

It is never okay to commit fraud or abuse service dog privileges. It is never okay to falsely claim your dog is certified if they are in fact not. That is why this eBay listing selling service dog vests just disgusts me.

“Use this for your good puppy and take her shopping with you. May have to play blind or stupid, but you love your puppy.”

The comment thread for the listing has a lot of comments from the disabled community and many are trying to get the listing removed. I would really like to see this listing removed, please send an eBay message or join the comment discussion on the thread.