The Poshies is a hybrid dog mixed between the Pomeranian and the Shetland Sheepdog. Because of this dogs mix in ancestry it can be difficult to determine the exact characteristics of the pom sheltie mixed dog but we have compiled some helpful information about these dogs from current owners as well as breeders.

Poshie Appearance

These breed is going to be on the small and will weight around 13-17 pounds when fullyg rown. The ears should stand up and the tails are curled. The coat is fluffy just like the Pomeranian.

Poshie Temperament

Pom-Sheltie mix’s are said to be smart but very energetic and will require lots of play and exercise time. They will do well in an apartment but will require daily walks. They are smart and easily trainable. These dogs are very likely to bond closely with their owners and because of their small size will make a perfect lap dog.

Poshies Pictures

poshies hybrid dog
Designer Dog Poshie

7-month-old Poshie named Jack

tan and white poshie

Pebbles Elizabeth is a tan and white poshie.

Dee writes: Pebbles Elizabeth was born on December 7, 1998. She graduated from Petsmart Puppy school when she was about 6 or so months old. She is sooooooo smart. She knows multiple tricks and understands as much as a child does. She loves her Zeeby Zebra, Cow, and especially her Daddy. She cocks her head to the side when you ask her where her “leash” is. Her boyfriend was the neighbor Irish Setter, Willie. They were like the handsome jock – cute cheerleader couple. I always tell her how beautiful she is, and she understands it!

pomeranian and sheltie mix

Max the pomeranian and sheltie rescue pup.

Max is a recue pup . We got Max at 3 months. Max just had his 1st Birthday last week. The joy of our life !!!!! Sweet temper with so many hugs and loves !!! – Keri

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