Choosing a Hybrid Dog

Before you purchase a dog you should be absolutely sure that it is the right thing for you to do. Dogs require a lot of attention, training and care. If you purchase a puppy there is an issue of housebreaking the new family member. Puppies also go through many stages of chewing and biting that can be very annoying at times. Dogs do, however, become part of the family. They are loyal and obidient. Some make great watch dogs while others are very friendly. The decision to purchase or adopt a dog should be throught through very carefully and should be decided upon by everyone in the house.

There is no way to predict with 100% accuracy what a hybrid dog will look like or what their temperment will be like. Hybrid dogs can take on characteristics of both of their pure bred parents.

Do your research on both breeds. Find out what they look like, how big they are, and what their temperment is like. Then imagine those two dogs together. You may be able to ask around and find hybrid dog owners that could tell you what they think about their dog.

When you have picked the absolute best dog for you and your family you should begin finding a breeder. Hybrid dog breeders are not always that easy to find but don’t give up, they are out there. Make sure the breeder is a good one with a quality reputation. Ask if they might provide a client list. Always get pictures of the dog and make sure you have a contract in writing stating everything that is included with the purchase/adoption and what guarentees the breeder makes.