The Cava-Corgi or Corgalier is a hybrid dog, also known as a designer dog. The Cava-Corgi is a cross between the Cavalier King Charles and the Pembroke Welch Corgi. It is not always possible to determine the characteristics, temperament or traits of a mixed breed. You will likely find the Cava-Corgi has a combination of the characteristics found in both the Cavalier King Charles and the Pembroke Welch Corgi.

Cava-Corgi, Corgalier Pictures

Maggie, the cava-corgi Corgi/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel hybrid. She is a lovely little dog, smaller in size and weight than both her parents. Maggie has the best qualities of each of her breeds; smart and very trainable like a corgi, and a snuggler like a Cavalier. She is short-legged and long bodied with an undocked tail. Her coat is more corgi-like, but her face has the sweet spaniel look. She is a love.

Cava-Corgi Corgalier

Maggie a Cava-Corgi, Corgi/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel hybrid.

Cava-Corgi hybrid dog

Maggie the Cava-Corgi hybrid dog.

“This is Jewel. She is a cava corgi and the BEST dog I’ve ever owned.
The first picture is Jewel at about 5 months old with Abby, my 5 year old guinea pig. It was our Christmas card. In the second picture she is about 10 weeks old.

She is a very quick learner and I honestly don’t remember house training her. She is reserve when meeting new people. She seems to sit back and evaluate everything before reacting to it. She’s now 9 months old and in obediance classes. Her trainer loves her and is always threatening to steal her! We’re working towards getting her certified to do visits in nursing homes, and the local V.A. center.

She adores children and will run up to them and fall at their feet with her belly up. She’ll run after kids, other dogs and even small animals but always stops short of catching them. She just loves to run and act as if she’s herding them. She even “herds” her toys around the house and I’ll find a circle of toys in the middle of the living room. If I put them away she’ll pull them all out and set them up again. She also loves to chew on big hard bones and them bury them. If I catch her in the act of burying one, she’ll get all flustered and dig it out to find another secret spot again! I’ll also find her chew sticks and bones buried in the couch or blankets.

Her other side is to be a lap dog. She loves cuddling up in the
evening or when ever someone is watching TV or sitting on the couch.
I love her so much and can’t imagine life without her.
She weighs about 11 pounds and we have to watch her weight because she does have a tendency to put on unwanted weight if she’s overfed and/or doesn’t get enough exercise.” – Maureen

Cava-Corgi puppy at 5 months

Cava-Corgi puppy at 5 months

Cava-Corgi hybrid dog

Cava-Corgi - Cavalier King Charles and Corgi Mix