Training a Dog

Training is one of the more difficult things to do with your dog. There are many tricks that you can teach your dog and lots of things that you should train them to do and not to do. Below you will find some of the basic things you should teach your dog and how to do it.

No. If you say this word forcefully enough and with the right amount of authority your dog will immediately know what it means. No, is the first and most important thing you can teach your dog. It can be used in any situation where your dog is doing something they shouldn’t be doing. The only way to teach a dog this is when they are doing something bad. When you say no it should be foreful. Your dog should immediately pick up that you are not happy with him or her.

Sit is an excellent training tool. To train a dog to recognize this word with the action you must use it consistently. It is recommended that you have a bag of treats on hand as a reward. Start by having your dog stand in front of you. There should be no distractions around; no other pets, no people; no noise. A great way to get your dog to look at you is by holding a treat in front of your nose or in between your eyes. When you are sure you have the dogs attention say, “Sit.” The word should be clear. The first few times your dog does this they wil lnto know what you mean. So you have to show them. After repeating the words a few times, place your dog in a sittion postion. Repeat the word again. Praise your dog and give them a treat. You should repeat this several times per day. Within two weeks your dog should have picked up on the word sit and recognized it with the action. Make sure you give you dog plenty of praise when they get something right and reward them with a treat.

Come here should be an easy command to teach your dog. When you say come here your dog should be several feet away (this may be a good time to teach stay as well). When your dog hears “come here” they should know that you are talking to them and they will probably come galloping over. Make sure that when they do you give them plenty of praise and a treat.

Give is something that every dog should learn. It is best to teach this command after your dog has learned “come here”. Throw a ball and let your dog go get it. If they do not immediately come back say the command “come here.” When they come back repeat “give” a few times. The dog probably will not understand at first so take the ball from them. Give them lots of praise and a treat. You should repeat this a few times a day and your dog will know the command “give” in no time at all. The command “give” is useful for fetch and also for anything that your dog may have in it’s mouth that you want them to drop.