Potty training your new puppy

The only absolute fail proof way to train your puppy is to use a crate. Crate training cannot be considered cruel or inhumane if you do it the right way. The following are steps and tips to help you use the crate method the proper way.

  1. Do not leave food out for you new dog to eat anytime they want. Once the dog is potty trained it isn’t a problem if you leave the food out at the time. However for the first two months you should consider only feeding your new dog about 3-5 times daily. All feedings should be well spaced out and the new pup should be monitored during all feedings.
  2. Within ten minutes of feeding your new puppy should be taken outside for a bathroom break. If you are want to train the dog to use a specific area of the yard then the puppy should be taken to this area. Watch the dog carefully. When they go to the bathroom outside praise them. Your dog will know immediately that they are doing something good. Do this every time the dog goes to the bathroom.
  3. When accidents happen inside the home, immediately scold your dog with a stiff “NO! Bad dog.” When a firm no has been assessed the dog will usually stop going to the bathroom immediately. Take the dog outside. Monitor them and when they go to the bathroom praise them.
  4. Immediately clean up all accidents with a good odor and stain remover. To find the best product, go to your local pet store and ask them what they recommend. This is very important! If the accident is not cleaned up your dog will continue to eliminate them selves there.
  5. The crate should be used whenever you are not able to watch the puppy and during the evening hours. Your puppy should have just enough room to move around and sleep comfortably. If you give your puppy too much room they will just go to the bathroom in one corner of the crate and sleep in the other. During the evening when you are sleeping, keep the crate near you so you can hear the dog if they cry to go outside. The first few nights the puppy may cry a lot but they will eventually settle in and go to bed. Crates should not be used for more than six hours at a time. If there is not someone home to take the dog out then you may need to re-consider having a dog at this time. During the night, you may have to get up a few times to let the dog out.
  6. Make sure there is a way for your dog to let you know that they need to go outside. Some dog owners use a bell hanging from their door, you can even buy door bells now for you dog. Whatever you choose, make sure the dog knows how to use it. Some dogs don’t bark so they will scratch at the door. If you are worried about this, consider an alternative
  7. Keep a routine. This is very important! You should have a specific routine from when you and your puppy wake up to when you go to bed. Everyone in your household should follow this routine as well.

If you use these seven fool proof tips you will surely have a housebroken dog in no time at all. Keep the same routine with your puppy daily for about three weeks. Once the puppy is housebroken you probably won’t need to use the crate. Some puppies however, become attached to them and use them as a bed nightly. Enjoy your new puppy!