The Fo-Chon is a hybrid dog, also known as a designer dog. The Fo-Chon is a cross between the Bichon Frise and the Toy Fox Terrier. It is not always possible to determine the characteristics, temperament or traits of a mixed breed. You will likely find the Fo-Chon has a combination of the characteristics found in both the Bichon Frise and the Toy Fox Terrier.

Fo-Chon Pictures

“Henry is my buddy. He follows me EVERYWHERE and loves to snuggle. He aims to please, I think particularly his insecure personality. My dog seems to be a little nervous and unsure of himself, but he’s so lovable!”

fo-chon hybrid dog

Henry, the Fo-Chon hybrid dog.

fo-chon bichon frise toy fox terrier hybrid

Henry is a fo-chon, bichon frise and toy fox terrier hybrid dog.


Fo-Chon hybrid Dog, Henry.